In recognition of its commitment to outreach, the University of Sydney is working in partnership with NSW Trade & Investment and the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education to drive the NSW component of Inspiring Australia, the Australian Government’s national strategy for engaging communities with the sciences.

Inspiring Australia seeks to build a strong, open relationship between science and society, underpinned by effective communication of science and its uses.

As part of this national strategy our mission is to

  • Strengthen science communication networks in NSW
  • Support initiatives that are engaging, transformative and locally relevant across the community, business and government sectors
  • Motivate and inspire Australians from all walks of life to get involved with science and science-related issues.
Inspiring Australia National Science Week NSW Trade & Investment

Banner image credits: National Science Week: Erth, The Dream of the Thylacine. Photo: Alastair Bett