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Anatomy & Histology

The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology offers workshops in the Shellshear Museum of Physical Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy on the Camperdown campus. Housing the only collection of its type in Australia, the Shellshear Museum displays include human skeletons, primate skeletons, casts of skulls and skeletons of fossil human ancestors such as Australopithecus, Neanderthals and Homo erectus.

The Human Story workshop

The Human Story is a workshop that provides students with the opportunity to handle bones and casts of chimpanzees and human ancestors. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to compare the structure of human skeletons with those of primates and our human ancestors.

Contact: Dr Denise Donlon
Phone: (02) 9351 4529
Fax: (02) 9351 6915