School Visits

The Faculty offers a comprehensive range of activities both on and off campus for high school students.

Science campus visit options
Sydney Uni comes to you!
Other departmental activities

To enquire about any of the activities listed on this page, contact:

Jessica Morris
T: (02) 9114 0825
F: (02) 9351 7707

Science campus visit options

Tailor a visit to the University for you and your students! Your class can choose to attend exciting lectures from the experts, perform experiments in our high-tech laboratories or go on a tour of the facilities. This is a wonderful way to familiarise your students with the university experience. Students are also able to gain an insight into the life of a university student by visiting student facilities and learning about the student services available. We will endeavour to cater to groups of all sizes.

Let us know what your interests are, and we will organise an informative excursion for you.

Hands-on science activities


Campus tours

Explore our enchanting campus with a current University of Sydney student. Find out where the highest point in Sydney is and where the largest academic library in the Southern Hemisphere is located. Walk in the footsteps of former Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and John Howard; Whitlams lead singer Tim Friedman and many more!

Duration: 30 minutes
Minimum: 10 students
Maximum: 150 students
Cost: Free (with other science excursion activities)

Sydney Uni comes to you!

Would you like a representative of the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney to come to your school and inform the students about science options at university?

If you would like a lunch-time talk or a mini-lecture about science at The University of Sydney, please contact us and we will arrange speakers at a convenient time for you and your students.

Cost: Free

Other departmental activities

There is a wide range of other activities available to you and your students including:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the range of programs we have for your students.