Stranger things: the uncanny world of animal pregnancy

JD Stewart Lecture

Presented by Dr Camilla Whittington
University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science

Giving birth to a live baby, rather than laying an egg, is an important biological innovation allowing animals to incubate embryos internally. You might be surprised to learn that live birth (viviparity) has evolved independently hundreds of times in very diverse species, including lizards, sharks, and even cockroaches. However, we know little about pregnancy beyond mammals like ourselves, which is where Dr Camilla Whittington's research comes in.

Discover how Dr Whittington is using cutting-edge techniques to identify pregnancy genes - the instructions in an animal’s DNA that cause it to have a live baby rather than laying an egg. Explore how her work identifies the fundamental processes of pregnancy in lizards, mammals and fish, including the world’s only male-pregnant animals - the seahorses.

Celebrate National Science Week with this amazing exploration of life.