The Doctor: The time(less) lord of science

Presented by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, University of Sydney

The timeless Lord of Science, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, is back.

No need for a TARDIS... jump through 'wibbly wobbly' theories of time travel, and discover how alcohol makes you speak louder, how to tell what part of a movie the audience is watching without looking, and why Americans are no longer the tallest people on Earth. What will the discovery of gravitational waves do for you? Why do you sleep badly in an unfamiliar bed? Why should you exercise before breakfast (not after) to stop weight piling on?

Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? What connects God, caffeine and chocolate? How does streaming a video for an hour use more electricity than running a fridge for a week? What are the secrets of immortal jellyfish and vampires? Are smoothies good for you? And just what is a "vomitarium"?

The Doctor lays it all down - without resorting to a sonic screwdriver.