Dr Alberto Peruzzo

A28 - Physics Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 7697
Fax +61 2 9351 7726

Website Quantum photonics laboratory
Room 303A, A28 Physics Building | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006

Biographical details

  • 2014 Senior Lecturer, School of Physics, University of Sydney
  • 2013 Lecturer, School of Physics, University of Sydney
  • 2012-13 Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, joint Engineering-Physics, University of Bristol
  • 2012 Research Assistant, University of Bristol
  • 2012 PhD in Physics,University of Bristol
  • 2010 Invited Visiting Scholar, Macquarie University
  • 2008 Research Assistant at LUXOR Labs, University of Padova
  • 2008 Master degree in Computer Engineering, University of Padova
  • 2006 Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, University of Padova
  • 2000-03 Project Manager Junior in pharmaceutical and chemical plants design at Novartis, Miteni and Enichem, TNC Tecnoconsulting

Research interests

Group website:http://www.qplab.org

Dr Peruzzo's research spans from engineering photonic quantum information and communication technologies to studying quantum effects in biological, chemical and physical systems.

Selected Publications and Preprints
  1. A variational eigenvalue solver on a photonic quantum processor, A. Peruzzo, J. McClean, P. Shadbolt, M.-H. Yung, X.-Q. Zhou, P. Love, A. Aspuru-Guzik, J. O'Brien, Nature Communications, 5:4213, (2014)
  2. A Quantum Delayed-Choice Experiment, A. Peruzzo, P. Shadbolt, N. Brunner, S. Popescu and J. O'Brien, Science 338, 634-637 (2012)
  3. Generating, manipulating and measuring entanglement and mixture with a reconfigurable photonic circuit, P. J. Shadbolt, M. R. Verde, A. Peruzzo, A. Politi, A. Laing, M. Lobino, J. F. C. Matthews and J. L. O'Brien, Nature Photonics, 6, 45-49, (2012)
  4. Adding control to arbitrary unknown quantum operations, X.-Q. Zhou, T. C. Ralph, P. Kalasuwan, M. Zhang, A. Peruzzo, B. P. Lanyon and J. L. O'Brien, Nature Communications, 2:413, (2011)
  5. Multimode quantum interference of photons in multiport integrated devices, A. Peruzzo, A. Laing, A. Politi, T. Rudolph and J. L. O'Brien, Nature Communications, 2:224, (2011)
  6. Quantum walks of correlated photons, A. Peruzzo, M. Lobino, J. C. F. Matthews, N. Matsuda, A. Politi, K. Poulios, X.-Q. Zhou, Y. Lahini, N. Ismail, K. Wörhoff, Y. Bromberg, Y. Silberberg, M. G. Thompson and J. L. O'Brien, Science, 329, 1500-1503 45-49, (2010)

Teaching and supervision

PhD students:

  • Miss Zixin Huang
  • Mr Robert Chapman

Research assistant:

  • Mr Owen Brasier

Honours students:

  • Mr Frank Paino
  • Mr Akib Karim
  • Mr Daniel Naoumenko

Undergarduate project students:

  • Mr Tzu-Heng Hung
  • Miss Kehaun Shi


  • Mr David Merrick Long
  • Mr Ryan Thomas

Awards and honours

  • 2014 ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • 2013 University of Sydney DVC Research Fellowship
  • 2012-17 Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship
  • 2012 Faculty of Science Commendation of Excellence for PhD thesis, University of Bristol
  • 2009-11 Oxford Quantum Computing - IP Commercialization Company PhD Studentship
  • 2008-09 EPSRC UK Research Council PhD Studentship
  • 2008 Fondazione Aldo Gini Award
  • 2008 Commendation for Master’s degree final mark 110/110 Summa cum Laude, University of Padova
  • 2006-08 Inpdap Scholarship
  • 2003-07 Undergaduate Scholarship from Regione Veneto

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