student profile: Mr Aman Deep Sharma


Thesis work

Thesis title: Use of Crop competition to control glyphosate resistant Feathertop rhodes grass

Supervisors: Bhagirath CHAUHAN, Michael WALSH , Daniel TAN

Thesis abstract:

Feathertop Rhodes grass (FTR) , a native of North America has raised concerns as a major weed problem in recent years in central Queensland and northern New South Wales (NSW), Australia due to increased adoption of zero tillage practices and tolerance of FTR against glyphosate, a widely used systemic herbicide.Crop species may out compete weed species depending on factors such as crop density, crop planting pattern, crop vigour and weed vigour. Keeping these aspects under consideration, our aim is to test the ability of crop like Sorghum planted at various densities and row spacings to control FTR.

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