student profile: Miss Annie Wu


Thesis work

Thesis title: Transnational remittances between Australia and Timor-Leste: A study of the Australian Seasonal Workers´┐Ż Scheme

Supervisors: Jeffrey NEILSON , John CONNELL

Thesis abstract:

The aim of the proposed study is to explore migration from Timor-Leste to Australia with a focus on remittances. It examines the effects of remittances in Timor-Leste. During the absence of migrants from the communities, what opportunity costs exist for the ‘left-behind’ households in sending villages; and how do communities account for and manage their absence. The qualitative methodology, a multi-sited ethnography, is the conceptual framework for this research project. At least 2 months will be spent in rural NSW and Victoria for participant observation and interviews. Communities that receive remittances in Timor-Leste will be included in this study for a 5 months ethnographic study.

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