student profile: Miss Beatriz Lopez Portillo


Thesis work

Thesis title: Individual differences in Sexual Self-disclosure: The role of Personality and Attachment in Romantic Relationships

Supervisors: Nikolaos TILIOPOULOS , Rebecca PINKUS

Thesis abstract:

As social animals, humans are in continuous change. Individuals are influenced by their context but at the same time they influence their context. If we extrapolate this idea to relationships, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each of the members in a couple, in order to understand the relationship as a whole. In other words, we need to study the self as well as the relationship to have a better understanding of the phenomena occurring within a dyad, which at the same time will give us a better understanding of the impact the outcomes will have (Gable & Reis, 2006). This is of huge importance since throughout lifespan individuals are engaged in different types of relationships, which have important implications for health and well-being (Noller, Feeney & Peterson, 2013). This is one of the main reasons why researchers have been focusing in relationship development, especially within romantic relationships. This research attempts to clarify the factors implied within sexual self-disclosure, and how personality and adult attachment are affecting this process within romantic relationships.

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