student profile: Mr Bruce. Zhang Zhang


Thesis work

Thesis title: Single photon manipulation for photonics quantum information processing

Supervisors: Bryn BELL , Chunle XIONG, Benjamin EGGLETON

Thesis abstract:

Photonics quantum information processing that harnesses quantum mechanism has inspired huge amounts of potential applications, such as quantum computation, quantum communication, and quantum metrology. While the supremacy of these quantum enhanced technologies relies on a scalable and reliable scheme or platform to precisely process the photonic qubit which is one of the most delicate information units. The thesis mainly focuses on single photon generation and quantum state transmission, the bottleneck of large-scale quantum computation and practical quantum communication, respectively. Following a short introduction in Chapter one, in Chapter two of this thesis, I will give an overview to the development of quantum computation and quantum communication. The bottleneck of these two aspects will be also pointed out in this chapter. In Chapter three, I will systematically discuss different multiplexing schemes and present the result of our proof-of-principle demonstrations. In Chapter four, I will explain the time-bin entanglement scheme in the quantum communication network and also discuss the importance of integrated quantum relay circuits which is one of the cornerstones of the quantum network. Our proof-of-principle results will be explained in this chapter. In Chapter five, I will conclude my thesis with a brief summary and discussion of future work, such as implementing relative temporal multiplexing scheme in an integrated platform, integrated quantum memory and single photon wavelength conversion component.�br /�

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