student profile: Miss Casey Taylor


Thesis work

Thesis title: Ecological drivers of human-tick interactions in urban environments

Supervisors: Peter BANKS , Dieter HOCHULI

Thesis abstract:

Tick induced allergic reactions, including mammalian meat allergy and tick anaphylaxis, are increasingly prevalent in tick-endemic areas of Australia and the US. In the Northern Beaches of Sydney, tick-induced allergies are commonly associated with bites of the Australian paralysis tick �em�Ixodes holocyclus�/em��em�.�/em� Little Is known about the relative abundance of �em�I. holocyclus�/em� on its natural hosts and how this influences human-tick encounters in the urban environment.�br /� �br /� The project aims to determine which natural hosts play an important role in the life-cycle of �em�I. holocyclus�/em� in the Northern Beaches. The research methods will reveal hot spots of tick occurrence, landscape features important in tick abundance and distribution, and whether there is an urbanised tick population or whether wildlife hosts are moving ticks throughout the urban environment. This knowledge of tick dynamics will assist land managers in developing tick management strategies.�br /�

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