student profile: Mr Danilo De Urzedo


Thesis work

Thesis title: Governance of forest and landscape restoration in the Brazilian Amazon

Supervisors: Robert FISHER , Jeffrey NEILSON

Thesis abstract:

Forest and landscape restoration are emerging globally as major challenges for development and conservation in the twenty-first Century. Brazil, the global leader on deforestation, became the first largest developing country to set an economy-wide emissions target committed to restore of 12 million hectares and zero illegal deforestation by 2030. Consequently, large-scale programs require governance systems to promote multiple stakeholders participation in diverse goals over spatial and temporal scales. This research aims to understand the governance challenges that multiple-stakeholders face when restoring forest landscape in the Brazilian Amazon. To achieve this, I first will evaluate governance processes across scales by a wide array of actors for landscape restoration in the Brazilian Amazon. I then will analysis Brazilian laws and policies for seeds and seedling production to identify gaps and incentives for long-lasting impacts. I will assess the seed networks outcomes, challenges, and opportunities for large-scale supply of native seeds based on Xingu Seed Network experiences. Finally, I will evaluate household livelihood outcomes of participation in forest restoration in rural settlements in the Lower Araguaia region, Amazon. In this perspective, quantitative and qualitative data will be collected through interviews, participant observations, event ethnography, and online surveys with different stakeholder groups (rural and indigenous communities, researchers, governments, non-governmental organizations, landowners, and enterprises).

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