student profile: Mr Danilo Ignacio De Urzedo


Thesis work

Thesis title: Governance of forest and landscape restoration in the Brazilian Amazon

Supervisors: Jeffrey NEILSON , Robert FISHER

Thesis abstract:

Forest and landscape restoration has emerged globally as a priority challenge for the twenty-one Century. Brazil became the first developing country to set an economy-wide emissions target committed to restore 12 million hectares by 2030. Consequently, large-scale programs require governance systems to promote multiple stakeholders participation in diverse goals over spatial and temporal scales. This research aims to explore the governance processes and structures in the implementation of ecological restoration in the Southeast Amazon. Firstly, I will identify what governance systems are operating at different levels of landscape restoration. I then will assess how governance systems are affected by the Amazon's position with a global production network for environmental services. From this, I will understand the capacity of existing governance systems to meet the Brazilian restoration target. Finally, I will evaluate the livelihoods outcomes of community participation in forest restoration actions. The global production network framework will be applied to understand forest and landscape restoration governance, encompassing livelihoods and human right debates. In this perspective, data will be collected applying event ethnography for participant observations and semi-structured interviews with multiple-stakeholders in case studies in the Southeast Amazon.

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