student profile: Mr Hossein Jamali


Thesis work

Thesis title: Molecular basis of leaf rust resistance in cultivated barley

Supervisors: Mohammad POURKHEIRANDISH , Robert PARK

Thesis abstract:

Leaf rust disease of barley, caused by «em»Puccinia hordei«/em», is a threat to the cultivation of barley. It can cause significant losses to growers cultivating susceptible varieties especially in regions with high precipitation. Here, I aim to undertake the molecular characterisation of leaf rust resistance in barley by genetic dissection and systematic isolation of the genes responsible. I will take advantage of next-generation sequencing and a barley reference genome sequence that was released very recently in 2016. To achieve the project objectives, plentiful bi-allelic markers within 'high-confidence' genes will be exploited to dissect gene-trait relationships from marker-trait associations in a panel of around 260 barley cultivars. The success of the proposed plan depends on two factors: a) accurate rust phenotyping, for which the Plant Breeding Institute of Sydney University is the world's best and most well-known; b) reference sequence plus gene annotation that became available earlier this year.«br /»

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