student profile: Mr Hung Nguyen


Thesis work

Thesis title: N2O emission and changes of soil carbon from horticultural production systems

Supervisors: Peter AMPT , Michael KERTESZ , Gordon ROGERS

Thesis abstract:

Our research will provide insights into the relative contributions of N2O emissions from horticultural cropping systems to global emissions and also amount of soil organic carbon levels in NSW, Australia,There urgently needed for Australian horticultural sector will be provided together with demonstrating changes of soil carbon through baseline study and estimation through model adoption.Subsequently,our research will test different crop management practices in order to identify useful solutions to achieve the GHG emissions goals.In addition, by reviewing carbon pricing schemes:1) Emission trading scheme+ carbon farming initiatives (CFI); 2) Direct action (white paper); 3) Current Vietnam low carbon policy program in Australia and Vietnam, our research will therefore support scientific and practical evidences of advantages and challenges for judgment and adoption of pricing schemes in horticultural sector in each country.

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