student profile: Mr Lachlan Pettit


Thesis work

Thesis title: How have Australia�s large predators responded to a toxic invader through time?

Supervisors: Rick SHINE , Georgia WARD-FEAR , Gregory BROWN

Thesis abstract:

The near-extirpation of varanid lizards by Cane Toads has severely impacted ecosystem processes. Given the critical roles of apex predators in regulating ecosystem function, and the massively negative impacts of toads on populations of large goannas, we need to know the time-course of such effects. Limited data suggest that goanna populations eventually recover (e.g., in northeastern Queensland, where toads have been present for several decades) – but we know almost nothing about the nature or rate of such recovery. To develop robust priorities for conservation management, we need to understand how monitors adjust to Cane Toads over time.

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