student profile: Dr Madeleine Ferrari


Thesis work

Thesis title: Self Compassion & CBT: Developing early interventions for adolescent populations

Supervisors: Caroline HUNT , Maree ABBOTT

Thesis abstract:

The central focus of this Ph.D. will be to better understand the construct of self-compassion and its clinical efficacy in adolescent populations. Self-compassion, theoretically comprised of self-kindness, mindfulness, and connection to common humanity, is a healthy way of relating to one’s self in times of difficulty and may be a key factor in building emotional resilience and wellbeing during adolescence. Specifically, this Ph.D. will focus on the relevance and application of self-compassion, combined with a cognitive-behavioural framework, to adolescent populations. Two primary intervention studies will investigate the effectiveness of this approach to promote emotional resilience for students within a high-school setting, as well as adolescents diagnosed with diabetes in a medical hospital setting. Specific outcomes include a reduction in perfectionism and greater emotional wellbeing (stress, anxiety, and depression).

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