student profile: Mrs Mardhati Mohammad


Thesis work

Thesis title: Intake measurement of individual grazing cattle

Supervisors: Peter THOMSON , Cameron CLARK , Yani GARCIA , Luciano GONZALEZ

Thesis abstract:

Dairy farming activities all over the world are highly dependent on forages/herbages as source of fibre for dairy cattle. Despite the domination of intensive farming systems on the dairy production in North American and European countries, grazing based production systems are still largely predominant in Australia. it is essential to quantify the feed intake of free-ranging animals to optimize dairy animal performance and production, as well as to plan a management strategy to optimize the feed utilization. However, it is difficult and complicated to determine the individual intake and diet compositions of grazing animals compared to stall fed where the intake can be directly derived by subtracting the amount of leftover feed. Even though many techniques (markers, modelling, sensors) have been developed to estimate individual intake of grazing animals, the accurate estimation remains a challenge. Thus, this project intends to test different hypotheses with the general aim of providing better solutions/methods to increase the accuracy of estimating the individual intake of grazing animals by combining and comparing the abovementioned techniques.«br /»

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