student profile: Ms Michelle Demers


Thesis work

Thesis title: Nonhost resistance to rye stem rust and characterization of a somatic stem rust hybrid

Supervisors: Davinder SINGH , Robert PARK

Thesis abstract:

Most plants are resistant to most pathogens, and this resistance to non-adapted pathogens is highly effective over a long period of time. There is great potential to integrate this durable resistance into our crops, however this type of genetic resistance is poorly understood. An inbred population of wheat plants varying in susceptibility to rye stem rust (Pgs), a normally unadapted pathgen to wheat, will be analyzed for infection phenotype with Pgs and genotypic analyses will be conducted using DaRT seq to correlate with phenotypic data. The genomes of Pgs (�em�puccinia graminis f. sp. secale) �/em�and a putatitive somatic hybrid between wheat and rye stem rust (�em�puccinia graminis f. sp. scabrum�/em�) will be sequenced in order to be compared with to the existing genome of wheat stem rust (�em�puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici). �/em�This will allow comparisons to be made between two forma speciales of a plant pathogen and their hybrid, allowing for genomic data to be correlated with phenotypic data in order to understand the role of varying array of effector genes during plant pathogen attack.�br /�

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