student profile: Mr Nirmol Halder


Thesis work

Thesis title: Development of Novel Diagnostic Tools to Determine Forest Health and Carbon Sequestration Potential for Mitigating Climate Change.

Supervisors: David FUENTES , Andrew MERCHANT , Malcolm POSSELL

Thesis abstract:

This project has been developed to understand tree physiology and metabolism, forest health determination and carbon sequestration potentials using techniques that include phloem sap analysis and isotopic analysis. It will compare tree species from different land use systems, e.g. monoculture or agroforest systems to:
  • Develop phloem sap analysis techniques to determine a forest health where nutrient availability is a limiting factor to growth;
  • Understand tree metabolism and physiology through analysis of leaf, phloem sap, tree growth rings;
  • Determine carbon sequestration potentials of tree species grown in different geographical regions where the climate variability is significant (rainfall differences).

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