student profile: Mr Paul Webster


Thesis work

Thesis title: Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing with Topological Error Correcting Codes

Supervisors: Stephen BARTLETT , Steven FLAMMIA

Thesis abstract:

The realisation of quantum computation depends on information being encoded in quantum error correcting codes to protect it from noise. My work considers topological codes, a widely researched and promising class of quantum error correcting codes. Specifically, it seeks to classify the operations which may successfully be performed on information encoded in a topological code in the presence of noise. It also explores the interesting correspondences that these operations have with the low energy excitations which may occur in realisations of these codes as physical systems. It is thus intended to assist in determining the potential usefulness of a range of topological error correcting codes for quantum computing, while also providing insight into the properties of topological phases of matter.

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