student profile: Mr Sam Peppou-chapman


Thesis work

Thesis title: Liquid Infused Slippery Surfaces for Anti-Biofouling Applications

Supervisors: Ross COLEMAN , Chiara NETO

Thesis abstract:

Biofouling refers to the growth of biological material on a surface, diminishing its performance. This can affect a variety of industries from reduced efficiency in shipping to contamination in a medical setting. One approach to stop bio-fouling is to look to nature, specifically the Nepenthes Pitcher Plant and its remarkable ability to stop insects from being able to grip on the rim of its pitcher. This natural system has led to the development of slippery liquid infused surfaces (SLIPS) which show remarkable anti-adhesion properties. We aim to further develop these surfaces and explore their applications in marine biofouling as well investigate the mechanisms behind their remarkable properties.

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