student profile: Mr Usman Ijaz


Thesis work

Thesis title: Molecular Mapping and Microscopic analysis of Faba Bean- Uromyces viciae- fabae Host-Pathogen Interaction

Supervisors: Harbans BARIANA , Richard TRETHOWAN , Kedar ADHIKARI , Urmil BANSAL

Thesis abstract:

Faba bean is receiving great attention as an increasing export potential for Australian grain industry. Faba bean rust (Uromyces viciae-fabae) is a major disease in nortrhern NSW and southern Queensland. The rust in this area infects early stage of plant growth and can cause up to 70% yield loss. Breeding resistant cultivars is the most efficient, cost effective and environment friendly method of disease control. Primary objective of this study is to understand genetics of rust resistance, finding sources of resistance, mapping of available resistant genes, pathogen variability and establishment of differential set.

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