student profile: Ms Xiao Luo


Thesis work

Thesis title: Reducing Free Sugar in Baked Products and Its Impacts on Public Health

Supervisors: Anna RANGAN , Timothy GILL

Thesis abstract:

Excessive intake of free sugar is a pandemic public health problem that may associated with lower diet quality, tooth decay, obesity and many non-communicable diseases.Free sugar is defined as all mono and disaccharides plus all sugars in honey, syrup and fruit juice. In 2015, WHO has published its first guidelines regarding free sugar intake, the upper limit of daily free sugar recommended by WHO is 10% of total energy, and a further reduction is encouraged with <5% of total energy.The major source that contributes to free sugar is the so-called "extra food" or "discretionary food" which are high in saturated fat, added sugar and sodium. This type of energy-dense food contributes to about 50% added sugars to Australian's total daily sugar intake. Particularly, about 17% of added sugars are from sweetened baked products, following soft drinks and confectionary.Food reformulation is approved to be one of the most effective ways to improve diet quality, especially for decreasing saturated fat, sodium and added sugar. This project focuses on reducing free sugar in baked products by food reformulation, to explore the feasible sugar reduction and alternative sugars in baked products and simulate its impacts on people’s diets.

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