student profile: Miss Xuesong Ding


Thesis work

Thesis title: Sequence stratigraphy 2.0: Dynamic topography, tectonics, sea level change and sediment transfer

Supervisors: Tristan SALLES , Patrice REY , Nicolas FLAMENT

Thesis abstract:

Sequence stratigraphy is the toolbox through which the sedimentary strata deposited in basins are interpreted in terms of sea level changes, with the premise that the nature and volume of sediments, and their sequential deposition is controlled by the evolution of sea level. On a regional scale, tectonic and dynamic topographies interfere with global sea level, and dynamic topography is yet to be accounted for in the sequence stratigraphy framework.
My PhD focuses on exploring the interplay between changes in sea level and in dynamic topography on the sequence stratigraphy of Australia’s northern margin, from the North West Shelf (NWS) to Papua New Guinea (PNG).

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