School of Physics

The School of Physics at the University of Sydney is the leading Physics department in the country, with outstanding staff and students undertaking world-leading teaching and research.

Our 100 staff and 150 postgraduate students conduct research across a vast range of interests from nanoparticles to clusters of galaxies and from theoretical modelling to laboratory experiments. With access to supercomputers, modern laboratory facilities and observatories, locally, nationally and internationally, the School of Physics is the premier environment for physics education and research.

Latest News & Events

  • The expanding fireball of Nova Delphini 2013

    The expanding fireball of Nova Delphini 2013

    Astronomers at the University of Sydney are part of a team that has taken images of the thermonuclear fireball from a 'nova star' for the first time tracking the explosion as it expands.

  • Experimental noise filtering by quantum control

    Associate Professor Michael Biercuk

    A team of scientists including A/Prof Michael Biercuk and PhD student Harrison Ball, have taken inspiration from aerospace R&D programs to make fragile quantum systems into useful pieces of advanced technology.

  • Braille-like communication capability for implant surfaces

    Marcela Bilek

    A Braille-like method that enables medical implants to communicate with a patient's cells could help reduce biomedical and prosthetic device failure rates, according to University of Sydney researchers.