School of Physics

The School of Physics at the University of Sydney is the leading Physics department in the country, with outstanding staff and students undertaking world-leading teaching and research.

Our 100 staff and 150 postgraduate students conduct research across a vast range of interests from nanoparticles to clusters of galaxies and from theoretical modelling to laboratory experiments. With access to supercomputers, modern laboratory facilities and observatories, locally, nationally and internationally, the School of Physics is the premier environment for physics education and research.

Latest News & Events

  • ARC Laureate Fellowships

    Australian Research Council

    The outstanding research records of Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn and Professor Peter Robinson, have been recognised with the highly prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate fellowships.

  • Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

    Dwarf Galaxy

    The discovery that many small galaxies do not 'swarm' around larger ones like bees do but 'dance' in orderly disc-shaped orbits is a challenge to our understanding of how the universe formed and evolved.

  • Generous gift supports the promise of quantum computing

    Engineered Quantum Systems

    A belief in the need for business to reach out to the sciences is only one of the motives for Anne and Hugh Harley to donate half a million dollars to the University of Sydney's Quantum Control Laboratory