Physicist Employers

Graduates with physics training end up working in a huge range of areas, in a huge range of companies.

A comprehensive list of employment databases and detailed instructions can be found at the University of Sydney's Careers Centre.

Some handy tips

When looking for jobs with your physics degree, think of using search terms such as

  • physics
  • physical sciences and
  • science

plus other words more specific to the type of work you're interested in, such as

  • medical
  • medicine
  • nuclear
  • programming
  • engineering
  • IT
  • education, etc.

Below is a list of organisations where physics graduates have found employment immediately after graduating from Australian universities. Note that this list isn't exhaustive; it's just a starting point.

<b><i>Source: "Forging New Directions in Physics Education in Australian Universities", Graduates in

Source: “Forging New Directions in Physics Education in Australian Universities: Graduates in the Workforce Working Party Report”


Australian Museum
Boston Consulting Group
Aussie Home Loans

Patents / Law

Davies Collison Cave
IP Australia
Minter Ellison

Financial Maths

Schroders (now part of Citigroup)
St George Bank
National Australia Bank
Chicago Climate Exchange

Defence Force

ADI Limited (now Thales Australia)
Air Force

IT / Computing

Wizard Information Services
De Bon Informatique Pty Ltd
Endeavour Sports High School

Medicine / Medical Physics

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
St Vincents Hospital
Wollongong Hospital
Nepean Cancer Care Centre
Queensland Radium Institute
Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Princess Alexandra Hospital

Secondary School Teaching

Mount Scopus Memorial College
Loreto Kirribilli
Dept of Education
Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC)
Wesley College
Warrnambool College

Public Sector (Science and Engineering)

KEK - High Energy Accelerator
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Australian Radiation Services
European lab fro non-linear spectroscopy
Gold Coast City Council
Queensland Rail
Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe
Dept of Natural Resources and Water

Private Sector (Science and Engineering)

Honeywell Australia Ltd
RTA Technology
John Holland Group
Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CISRA)
Fuji Xerox Australia
Raflatac Oceania
Phonak and Unitron Pty Ltd
Fluorosolar Systems Ltd
Keays Software
Esso Australia Ltd
Queensland Alumnia Limited
EMF Griffiths
Direct Edge Corporate Development
Jayrow Helicopters
CH2M Hill Pty Ltd (and ThermoNutech)
WMC Resources / BHP Billiton
Dow Corning Corporation

Postdoctoral / Academia

University of Arizona (USA)
University of Leiden (Netherlands)
Kansas Sate University (USA)
Central Queensland University
Murdoch University
University of Tasmania
University of Sydney
University of Manchester (UK)
Florida State University (USA)
University of Cambridge (UK)
La Trobe University
Osaka University (Japan)
University of Sydney
University of Oregon (USA)
Astronomical Institute (Czech Republic)
RMIT University
University of New South Wales
Adelaide University
Qufu Normal University (China)
Central Queensland University