Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - Our Julius Sumner Miller Fellow

Dr Karl

The position of the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow is named after Professor Julius Sumner Miller - this link contains a brief history of Professor Sumner Miller's life and connection with the School of Physics. The position is administered by the Physics Foundation within the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.

The Julius Sumner Miller Fellow is Karl Kruszelnicki - known as Dr. Karl. Every week he delivers several hours of radio science heard around Australia and the world. One of these shows, the Triple J Science on Mornings show on Thursdays from 11:00 AM, attracts over 300,000 listeners and podcast downloads exceed 219,000.

Have a look at the official Dr Karl web site, and his ABC website containing heaps of his musings and ways to participate in the quest to answer popular mysteries - such as why the hot water in the shower always slows down slightly after you turn it on.

Karl Kruszelnicki has had a wide and varied career, and is currently the Inaugural Julius Sumner Miller Fellow. He has qualifications in Physics and Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering (he designed and built a machine to pick up electrical signals from the human retina, for Fred Hollows), and Medicine and Surgery. He has worked as a labourer, car mechanic, hospital doctor, TV weatherman, presenter on the first series of Quantum, roadie for Bo Didley and Chuck Berry, author, radio science commentator.

The Julius Sumner Miller Fellow has a special role with both primary and secondary schools all over Australia. Already, some 8 tonnes of New Scientist magazines (worth about $200,000 at newsagency prices) have been sent to some 115 schools around Australia - with a special emphasis on remote schools, and disadvantaged schools. Also, the current Fellow communicates via Skype with many schools each month, at no cost to the schools.

Do Physics First!

A personal view by Karl Kruszelnicki on why you should study physics first.

Dr Karl

Contact Karl

Karl can be contacted at the School of Physics:

Dr Karl S. Kruszelnicki,
Julius Sumner Miller Fellow,
Physics Foundation,
School of Physics A28,
The University of Sydney NSW 2006

phone: +61 2 9351 2963