Welcome Alumni

Professor Tim Bedding, Head of School

Greetings from the School of Physics to our Physics and ISS alumni! Why do we have two groups of Alumni? Of course there are our traditional alumni — those who have graduated with a first degree and a major in Physics at the School or who have completed postgraduate work here. There are also however over 4,500 International Science School (ISS) alumni who have attended one of our past 36 Professor Harry Messel International Science Schools (formerly the Summer Science Schools) that were established in 1962.

We are keen to engage with our alumni. A closer connection brings benefits such as the opportunity to be more involved with the many activities of the School. Engagement with our alumni also allows you to have input into our publications such as our alumni newsletter 'Physics News' where we often profile alumni who have gone on to diverse and distinguished careers.

As alumni of the School of Physics, we invite and welcome you to come back and see us. We enjoy catching up with former students and learning about their achievements and accomplishments so please visit us soon.

We look forward to seeing you.

Professor Tim Bedding, Head of School