Welcome to the CUDOS node and CUDOS headquarters at the University of Sydney. We are situated in the School of Physics, one of the oldest and most prestigious research schools in Australia. The School offers internationally recognized expertise in applied physics, astronomy, astrophysics, medical physics and theoretical physics. The CUDOS research group enjoys a rich complement of experimental and theoretical physicists working closely on some of the most exciting topics in photonic sciences. Professor Benjamin J. Eggleton is the Director of CUDOS, and an ARC Laureate Fellow; Professor Martijn de Sterke is the Associate Director and Professor Ross McPhedran is an ARC Professorial Fellow; Dr Boris Kuhlmey is an ARC Future Fellow and Professor Simon Fleming is CUDOS Associate Investigator. The research programs are conducted in state-of-the art laboratories, constructed to provide CUDOS with every technological advantage. CUDOS@USYD is a major participant in the Sydney University Institute of Photonics and Optical Science.

Recent News

  • CUDOS breakthrough publication in Optica

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    CUDOS published a paper in Optica on "Midinfrared supercontinuum generation from 2 to 6 um in a silicon nanowire". The work represents a major advancement towards the design of inexpensive monitoring devices that can detect human disease and air pollution at very small levels. This work is also featured in a new story on the CUDOS website.

  • CUDOS paper on "microwave frequency measurement in a silicon chip" published in Optica

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    CUDOS@USYD recently published a paper in Optica on "Low-error and broadband microwave frequency measurement in a silicon chip".

  • CUDOS publishes in Optica

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    CUDOS@USYD recently published a paper in the OSA high impact journal Optica on "Compact and reconfigurable silicon nitride time-bin entanglement circuit". This work is also featured in a news article on the CUDOS website.

  • CUDOS Postdeadlines at the Nonlinear Optics Meeting in Hawaii

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    Congratulations to Alvaro Casas Bedoya and Bryn Bell and their teams for the Postdeadline papers on "CMOS-compatible RF notch filter enabled by SBS in silicon" and "Ultracompact quantum splitter of degenerate photon pairs" that have been accepted for presentation at the Nonlinear Optics Meeting in Hawaii.

  • A Century of Nobel Prizes in Light - Research that changed the World!

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    To celebrate the International Year of Light, CUDOS is hosting a set of presentations describing how scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of light have improved our lives. Using Nobel prizes awarded for light-related research as a guide, an inspirational set of expert speakers will discuss how our understanding of light has changed since the early 20th century, how this understanding has helped changed society for the better, and how it helps us understand our place on earth and beyond.

New Nanoscience building for CUDOS

In early 2010 the University was awarded $40 m towards the construction of a $110 m new building for research in the physical sciences, focussing on nanoscience, in the third round of funding from the Federal Government's Education Investment Fund (EIF). With co-investment from the University, this building the Australian Institute for Nanoscience will be a world-leading research and teaching facility designed to meet the demanding requirements of nanoscience research in decades to come. The building's advanced research capability will be housed alongside comprehensive facilities for student-focussed undergraduate and graduate teaching and integrated with the existing heritage-listed building for the School of Physics. More info here.

Our director...

Benjamin Eggleton received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Sydney in 1996. He is currently a Federation Fellow, Professor of Physics and the Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS). Previously, he was with Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies where he headed the Photonic Devices Research Department, and was Research Director at the Specialty Photonics Division.

The CUDOS vision: The Photonic Chip ...

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