Intermediate Physics Laboratory

The coordinator of the laboratory is

Professor Scott Croom - Room 351 Physics School

Tel 9036 5311

Laboratory work e-mail :-

Experimental Physics is a laboratory course based on a set of individual experiments which cover many different aspects of experimental physics. In this unit of study all students will spend three weeks on each experiment, selected according to the rules given in the Experimental Physics Notes, available in the LMS. All work must be recorded in individual logbooks that will be provided to you at your first lab session.

Students will generally work in pairs on he experiments, but will record material in their logbooks individually. You and your partner will also have to write a report on one of the experiments you performed during the semester. Each team is also expected to make an oral presentation of the report work during the last session of the semester.

Session Arrangements and Registration

The Intermediate Physics Laboratory, (Rooms 419-423) is located at the western end (the end nearest to No.1 Oval) of the Physics Building on Level 4 (two floors above ground level). The laboratory sessions are from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on each of Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Students will be assigned to one of these sessions by their timetable.

You must attend your first scheduled laboratory session, during the first week of the first semester, which is used for registration and for an introduction to the unit of study.