Physics Honours (Physics 4)

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Local students' applications for entry into Physics Honours in semester 2, 2014 are due at the Faculty of Science office by Friday 27 June 2014. Late applications may be accepted. Please see the Faculty's webpage on Applying for Honours in the Faculty of Science for further details.

To obtain Honours in Physics it is necessary to complete a fourth undergraduate year which is devoted to the study of Physics. Students may also undertake Honours course part-time over two years (in which case the research project must be completed in two consecutive semesters), and/or start mid-year. Upon completion, a student is eligible for the award of First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (Division 1 or 2) or Third Class Honours. University Medals in Physics are awarded to the top students if the standard achieved is sufficiently high. The same course is taken by candidates for the Graduate Diploma in Science (Physics).

See General Information for instructions on how to apply for Physics Honours.

New Honours students should look at Information for new Staff & Students.

The Physics Honours Coordinator is .

The Physics Honours Noticeboard is in the Physics Tea Room (Room 319)

More information on Physics Honours, including details of the exciting Research Projects offered and descriptions of the Research Groups in the School of Physics, can be found in the Physics Honours Handbook.

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Physics Honours Class

2013 Physics Honours class

(left-to-right): front row - Zixin Huang, Shelley Liang, Justin Donnelly, Shafique Pineda, Thomas Lacy, Rebecca McElroy, Eromanga Adermann.
middle group - Parth Girdhar, Prof. Stephen Bartlett (Honours Coordinator), Nam Khahn Vu, Sebastian Pauka, Hamish Clark, Marie Jarratt, Jarrah Sastrawan, Neil Barrie, Iman Jizan, Fiona Naughton, Joanna Guse, Justin Knife, Carl Suster, Yuta Saito, Ronald Maj, Nikolas Iwanus.
back row - Claire Galvin, Christopher Wykes, Damien Ireland, Jason Drury, Sam Baran, Tom Bernstein, Jacob Richter, Lawrence Trevor.
missing from photo - Marcin Glowacki and Christopher Herron.