Learning Physics

learning physics

There are no easy short cuts 'learn' physics. You need to put in the necessary time and effort, but it doesn't need to be impossible for anyone. Knowing how you learn (i.e. your learning style) can help.

Memorisation and cramming may help you pass the exam but will leave you with little understanding of physics and possibly cause you a lot of stress along the way. There are a number of steps you can take to avoid this situation and acquire a deeper understanding of physics.

These issues and more are discussed in the two GuidesHow To Learn Physics and
How To Study Effectively. They aim to give you a feel for how best to approach the learning of physics and study in general.

Below are listed additional resources that might be useful to you if you are experiencing difficulties in your physics studies and/or are interested in improving your study habits. Follow the links by clicking on the names.

On-Campus help options

Junior Physics Resources and Links page
Junior Physics maintains a page of useful information and links relevant to students in their first year of Physics.

The University's Services for Students web site
The Services for Students website provides information regarding the
services located on the Camperdown/Darlington campus.

The Learning Centre
Level 7, Education Building,  Telephone: (02) 9351 3853,
E-mail: lc@stuserv.usyd.edu.au

The Learning Centre aims to improve students' quality of learning. It assists students to develop the generic skills which are necessary for learning by running workshops in study skills, providing free of charge publications of learning materials, etc.

The Mathematics Learning Centre
Level 4, Carslaw Building, Telephone: (02) 9351 4061,
E-mail: MLC@mail.usyd.edu.au

The Mathematics Learning Centre assists students to develop mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence. As Physics often involves heavy mathematics the MLC's resources can be quite relevant to Physics students.

On-line help options

Extensive listing of websites dealing with study matters. Developed by former students, it includes student experiences, study tips, stress management and much more.

How To Study Physics #1
Different documents covering all aspects of physics study, from taking notes in lectures to exam preparation.

Physics Course Survival Strategies

A document dealing with some of the pitfalls often encountered by students studying physics, and how best to avoid them. Has further useful links at the bottom of page.

Success in Mathematics

Guide offering tips to study, problem solving and exam taking. Although mathematics specific, the majority of the material is very relevant to studying physics.

Further Assistance

For further information contact the Junior Physics coordinator.
For general enquiries, contact the Student Office (Physics Room 210) on (02) 9351 3037.