Other Topics

Physics major

In the 2017 curriculum, a major in Physics consists of at least 24 credit points of Senior Physics, which must include a Semester 1 Core unit (PHYS3040, PHYS3940 or PHYS3941), a Semester 2 Core unit (PHYS3990, PHYS3991) and two Options units (usually one per semester).

Information on Physics in the 2018 curriculum is available on the Science Faculty new curriculum page.

Nanoscience and Technology major

In the 2017 curriculum, the School of Physics also contributes units of study to the Nanoscience and Technology major, which is concerned with the understanding of interactions between arrays of atoms or molecules on the nanometre scale and using this knowledge to design materials with specific physical, chemical or biological functions.

As of 2018, this major is no longer available. It is replaced by the new Nanoscience and Technology program.


One of the most popular areas of science is undoubtedly Astronomy. Although Astronomy is not a major within the Science degree, the School of Physics is very active in this area, with research under the banner of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA). Students wishing to study Astronomy have options in every year of the Physics program.