Physics Dalyell Scholars

For students who want a little more

For talented students needing to be challenged and extended beyond the curriculum, the Dalyell Scholars program offers many opportunities. The Dalyell Scholars program, formerly known as the Talented Students Program, is a special program of study intended for students of high ability. Entry is based on your ATAR (or equivalent); see the Dalyell scholars page for more details.

There are many opportunities for Physics Dalyell scholars to become involved in research in the School. For more information about any of the opportunities below, please contact the Dalyell coordinator, Helen Johnston

Science Dalyell Showcase

The Dalyell Showcase is the first opportunity for first-year students to become involved in research at the university. As part of a small team, you will explore one of many cutting-edge problems studied by research groups across the Faculty of Science, including problems in Physics.

Physics Special Studies Program

Students enrolled in PHYS1904 Physics Special Studies have an opportunity to undertake research with research groups in the School. The aim is to broaden your knowledge of physics and give you an insight into how physicists think and how a real research project is tackled. Check out below the diverse range of topics covered in TSP projects in previous years. You can download selected presentations by clicking on the title pages. You can also download selected project reports.

Semester 2 projects

Here is the list of projects offered in semester 2, 2017.

Some 2010 TSP project reports

When a black hole winks in a galaxy far, far away
(Cleo Loi)

In search of antimatter in the universe (Chris Herron)

Surface waves in degenerate plasma (Dominic Williamson)

Beyond the lens of the looking glass (Matthew New-Tolley)

Experimental verification of the practicality of a photonic crystal lantern (Jiro Funamoto)