Undergraduate Physics

The University's undergraduate curriculum is changing for 2018. If you are a current student and want more information about the new curriculum, please see this Science Faculty new curriculum page.

Most Unit of Study information for undergraduate students who are currently enrolled is provided via the Blackboard system. Login using your UniKey username and password.

The information provided on these Physics pages is intended to help you, as a Current Student, make choices as you progress through the years of your course. It should also be useful to Prospective Students looking at the structure of the courses in Physics at the University of Sydney.

On-line Science Undergraduate Handbook
To look for details about course rules or any unit of study please see the Undergraduate Handbook.

Learning Physics
An aid to students in learning physics

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
Outlines what is not acceptable behaviour in academic work, in particular assessments

Special Consideration
When your academic performance is adversely affected by illness or other serious events

Junior (1st year)
Apart from the main Junior Physics units, you should also consider

Students the relevant degree programs will be interested in

Intermediate (2nd year)

Senior (3rd Year)

Honours (4th Year)

Talented Student Program

International Exchange Program
Consider spending part of your degree studying overseas.

Sydney Summer and Winter School
Summer and Winter School provide students with the opportunity to complete some units of study outside the normal semesters. The School of Physics does not offer any units in the Summer or Winter School programs.

Other Topics

  • Nanoscience
    A Science major offered in the 2017 curriculum including a choice of units offered by Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. This major will not be offered from 2018. It is replaced by the Nanoscience and Technology program.
  • Astronomy
    Astronomy is not a major but students wishing to study Astronomy have options in every year of the Physics program.

Further Information

For further information about undergraduate studies contact or phone +61 2 9351 3037.