Whether you gained a PhD in physics, competed an undergraduate physics degree, studied physics for one year or attended the 2-week International Science School, you have a lifetime connection to the School of Physics and the University of Sydney Physics Foundation as one of our alumni.

Visit the Alumni & ISS Alumni websites:

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All members of our alumni are valued greatly. We warmly encourage you to become an active member of School of Physics/ISS Alumni Associations.

All University of Sydney alumni can update profiles and look for classmates online. To become an active member of our alumni web community visit to register your details.

Alumni Support

Alumni support and engagement is one of the Foundation’s key priorities. Since 2004, when the Foundation announced its support for the alumni activities of the School of Physics, the alumni and community activities of the School have benefited greatly from a range of events and publications.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of alumni now in touch with the School of Physics: from 1,000 in 2004 to over 4,500 today. A closer connection gives alumni the opportunity to be involved with the many diverse activities of the School and to have input into the School’s publications.

The Foundation supports Physics and International Science School alumni through publications such as Physics News.