Dr Gregory Clark

Dr Clark is a world-renowned scientist, technologist and businessman. He has received a number of international awards and fellowships in recognition of his contributions to technology and society. He was on the Australian Prime Minister’s Science and Technology Committee from 1990 to 1998. Dr Clark has a PhD in physics from the ANU and is a Visiting Fellow at ANU. He spent 15 years with the IBM Research Division in New York. Subsequently, as President of News Technology Group and a member of the News Corporation Executive Committee, Dr Clark oversaw all technology within News Corporation and companies within the Group, including all internet and satellite pay-TV companies. He was responsible for News Corporation’s transformation of its media assets from an analogue platform into a digital platform.

Dr Clark was then President and Chief Operating Officer of Loral Space and Communications in New York. This company is the world’s largest commercial satellite manufacturer and, at that time, the world’s second-largest satellite operator. During his time at Loral, he oversaw the development and manufacture of satellites, their launch and commercial operation.

Dr Clark is currently Chairman and Founder of KaComm Communications Pty Ltd – an Australian company with the strategy to provide high-speed broadband services to rural and remote Australia, including offshore islands. He is also a Director of the ANZ Banking Group.

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