Structure & Management

As a University foundation, the Physics Foundation is responsible to the University Senate.

The Foundation’s Council is made up of representatives of business and industry, community leaders and senior office holders and academic staff of the University of Sydney. Council members are elected at the Foundation's annual general meeting. Both the president and deputy president of the Foundation are elected by the Council and each holds a two-year term of office.

The Council recommends major and strategic decisions regarding the activities of the Foundation. The responsibility for day-to-day operations and running of the Foundation rests with the appropriate University Officer, the Dean of Science.

Foundation Committees

The Foundation's activities are directed by a structure of committees.

  • Strategy and Development Committee: suggests strategic initiatives including education programs and fundraising activities.
  • Finance Committee: oversees the finances of the Foundation including budgeting, consults with investment capital management regarding investments and monitors expenditure.

Annual Reports - Physics Foundation