Over the past fifty years the Foundation has raised over AUD $100 million to support the School of Physics, fund the International Science School, and enable public engagement with science through teacher training and outreach programs for the community.

The Foundation’s funding enables the International Science School to provide its science programs at no cost to students. The Foundation also funds associated travel within Australia, food and accommodation for all students attending the two-week program. This equates to over $2,500 per student.

The Foundation’s financial support contributes significantly to the School of Physics, providing scholarships and prizes for students and academic staff, teaching infrastructure and equipment and programs in science education and communication. The Foundation also has a strong history of supporting key research initiatives within the School of Physics.

The Science Teachers' Workshops program for senior science teachers is a highly successful Foundation-supported initiative to help teachers expand their science knowledge base and encourage students to take an interest in science and technology.

The Foundation provides continued support for the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, and supports School of Physics and ISS Alumni through publications and events.

Further Foundation achievements

Over the past 15 years, the Physics Foundation has also provided funding for:

  • Additional academic staff, enabling the School of Physics to explore new and innovative areas of research.
  • Overseas travel, allowing academic staff to present their research to the international community and collaborate with peers around the world.
  • The SEARFE project, a collaborative outreach project so that school students could explore Australia’s radiofrequency environment.
  • Renovation of major laboratories including the School’s computer laboratories.
  • Modern digital oscilloscopes for the School’s three undergraduate teaching laboratories.
  • Teleconference facilities for the Remote Observing Centre Sydney (ROCS).
  • Refurbishment of the School’s main foyer.