UPC Science

University Preparation Courses are full year courses designed to prepare mature age students (21 years and older) for study at the University of Sydney and to give them a qualification to compete for a place at the University. They can also be used to gain admission to other Universities.

The courses are open to everyone - you don't need any previous qualifications and you don't have to intend to use them to get into university to take part. You can take the courses for general interest.

UPC Science

This extensive course introduces you to the four major strands of science: biological sciences, earth and environmental science, chemistry and physics. Designed to provide a framework of foundation concepts in each discipline, through lectures, workshops and assignments, the course will develop both knowledge and the skills necessary for university study.

If you intend to study Science at University you must also enrol in Preparatory Mathematics.

Course Content and Enrolment

For full details of the course content and enrolment information see the Centre for Continuing Education website.