Support the ISS


Advents in science and technology have revolutionized our society. We can see the impacts of these advances in medicine, biology, engineering, physics, computing, robotics, and sustainability in every aspect of our daily lives, not to mention their imprint on social and political landscapes.

The ISS program brings pioneers of invention, along with other esteemed authorities and professionals together with the best and brightest young minds in the world in a global collaborative effort to create a scientifically literate and aware community. The accelerated, innovative curriculum stimulates and challenges these gifted students to push beyond their own boundaries, to examine solutions to human problems, and to begin to form the building blocks for an international business community, valuable personal and professional relationships, and perhaps even developing the Nobel Laureates of the future.

The ISS could not function without the generous financial backing of its supporters, who enable the program to run at no cost to the students who attend. Such support ensures that this unique opportunity is available to all students based on their intellectual ability and not their financial means.

The challenges we as a society face will require brilliant young people working together as tomorrow’s scientists and leaders. With your help, the ISS will continue to bring such people together, giving them a glimpse of the potential future that awaits them.

Since 1999 the Physics Foundation has led a campaign to secure the future of the ISS in perpetuity – the Messel Endowment. To date $3.8m has been raised for the Messel Endowment. We are extremely grateful to those supporters who have given so generously to the program. Our target is now to raise an additional $5 million, ensuring the continuation of the ISS.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about supporting the ISS.