ISS 2011: Light & Matter

The 36th Professor Harry Messel International Science School, ISS2011: Light & Matter, ran at the University of Sydney in July 2011. The program featured top international and Australian researchers from the breadth of science, including Sir John Pendry, Chair in Theoretical Solid State Physics at Imperial College, London, and Professor Allan Clark, Director of the Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Geneva and member of the ATLAS experiment team at the Large Hadron Collider.

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Light & Matter Book

Each ISS lecture series has traditionally been accompanied by a book. In 2011 this comprised chapters written by each of our lecturers.

You can get the ISS2011 book as a PDF file, which can be read on any computer:

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The Speakers

S Bartlett, Associate Professor, School of Physics, The University of Sydney
Smaller, Faster, Better, Unimaginable-Er? The Quantum Revolution is Coming

C Charles, Head, Space, Plasma and Propulsion Laboratory, The Australian National University
Children of the Stars, Plasma is the Fourth State of Matter

AG Clark, Director, Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics, University of Geneva
A Very Large Microscope to Probe Very Small Distances Part I
A Very Large Microscope to Probe Very Small Distances Part II

D D'Alessandro, ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellow, School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney
Capturing Co₂

M Green, Federation Fellow and Scientia Professor, The University of NSW
Photovoltaics: Solar Electricity by Coupling Light and Matter

K Kruszelnicki, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, The University of Sydney
Bending Spoons for Fun and Profit
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Twinkling Stars

Sir J Pendry, Imperial College, London, UK
Metamaterials and the Science of Invisibility
Negative Refraction and a Perfect Lens

S Simpson, Laureate Fellow, School of Biological Science, The University of Sydney
Paintbrushes, Cannibal Crickets and Human Obesity

F Watson, Astronomer in Charge, The Anglo-Australian Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW
Dark Secrets: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Dark Skies

J Whittaker, Post-doctoral Fellow, EarthByte Group, School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney, RD Mller, Professor of Geophysics and Laureate Fellow, School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney
Exploring The Earth's Varied And Dynamic Seafloor