The 37th Professor Harry Messel International Science School, ISS2013: Nanoscience, ran from June 30th to July 13th 2013. The program featured top international and Australian nanoscience experts, along with leaders from the breadth of science, including keynote speaker and Nobel prize-winning cosmologist Professor Brian Schmidt.

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Each ISS lecture series is accompanied by a book — in 2013 we produced an ebook version containing interviews with each of our inspiring speakers.

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Want more? You can watch all of the ISS2013 lectures on YouTube, including:

  • Professor Brian Schmidt, Nobel Prizewinning cosmologist, talking about the expanding universe
  • Dr Amanda Barnard from CSIRO, exploring nanomaterials and the amazing properties of graphene
  • Professor Gerard Milburn from the University of Queensland, with the strange world of quantum mechanics and the promise of quantum computing and other quantum devices

The Speakers

Professor Michael Roukes, Caltech, USA

Professor Peter Waterhouse, School of Molecular Bioscience, University of Sydney
RNA Interference and Gene Silencing

Professor Philip Russell, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany
Nanophotonics and Holey Fibres

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, University of Sydney
Great Moments in Science

Professor David Reilly, EQUS, School of Physics, University of Sydney
Quantum Systems and Quantum Information

Dr Amanda Barnard, CSIRO
Graphene and Nanoparticles

Professor Gerard Milburn, EQUS, University of Queensland
Quantum Weirdness, Quantum Systems, Quantum Computing

Professor Tanya Monro, IPAS, University of Adelaide
Nanophotonics and Advanced Sensing

Professor Maria Kavallaris, Australian Centre for Nanomedicine, UNSW
Nanomedicine and Cancer

Professor Brian Schmidt, Mt Stromlo Observatory, ANU
The Expanding Universe

Professor Ben Eggleton, CUDOS, School of Physics, University of Sydney
The Photonics Revolution