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The 38th Professor Harry Messel International Science School, ISS2015: BIG, ran from June 28th to July 11th 2015. The program featured top international and Australian researchers from the breadth of science, including renowned cosmologist and author Lawrence Krauss, galaxy explorer and Square Kilometre Array leader Naomi McClure Griffiths, nanoscientist and brain mapper Michael Roukes, and NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff.

Number of scholars attending: 138 (68 female, 70 male)

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The Speakers

Professor Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State, USA

Dr Anita Ho-Baillie, UNSW
High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Professor Michael Roukes, Caltech, USA
Nanoscience & Brain Mapping

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, University of Sydney
Great Moments in Science

Professor David Reilly, EQUS, School of Physics, University of Sydney
Quantum Systems and Quantum Information

Professor Naomi McClure-Griffiths, ANU
Exploring the Milky Way

Dr Martin White, Adelaide University
Searching for Dark Matter at the Large Hadron Collider

Dr Stuart Prescott, UNSW
Surface Chemistry

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, University of Sydney
Diet & Obesity

Professor Greg Chamitoff, University of Sydney and NASA
Human Space Exploration

A/Professor Matthew Hole, ANU
ITER and Fusion Energy

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