School of Physics Colloquia

Monday 25th June 2018

Dr Roland Crocker (Australian National University)

Title: Two mysterious, high-energy signals from the Galactic Centre


The Galactic Centre is perhaps the best-motivated direction in the sky to search for the indirect signatures of dark matter annihilation. Over the years many anomalous signals or phenomena associated with the Galactic Centre have indeed been suggested to be plausibly connected to dark matter. Two important (and possibly inter-related) gamma-ray examples of such signals are the Inner Galaxy positron annihilation flux and the `Galactic Centre Excess' found in data from the Fermi Space Telescope. I will discuss the phenomenology of these signals and explain the accumulating evidence that they are, in fact, connected to the very old stellar populations of the Galactic Bulge and very probably represent high-energy emission associated with white dwarf binary systems rather than dark matter. Regardless of the likely `astrophysical' origin of these signals, they represent an irreducible background that must be well understood in order to achieve the full, potential sensitivity of ongoing and future Galactic Centre dark matter searches. Our ongoing efforts are directed towards this aim.

Monday 25th June 2018, 3:00 pm, Slade Lecture Theatre (Room 217), Physics Building A28

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