School of Physics Colloquia

Monday 1 May

Helen Georgiou and Simon Crook
The New HSC Physics Syllabus: The Merits, Problems and Ramifications
With the recent publication of the new Physics Stage 6 Syllabus in NSW, we consider: what has changed? What are the improvements? What are problems? What are the ramifications? How will this impact on the School of Physics? We will be presenting evidence and insight based on the latest research and first-hand involvement into what has evolved into quite an emotive topic, both in the discipline of Physics specifically and science education in general.

3.00pm, Slade Lecture Theatre, Physics Building A28

Cake and coffee are served at all School Colloquia.

Future Colloquia

Monday, 5 June: Professor Naomi McClure-Griffiths, The Australian National University