Consideration of factors affecting your study

While studying at the University of Sydney, a student may need to apply for special consideration or special arrangements as follows:

  • Special Consideration may be granted where well-documented illness, injury or misadventure occurs to the student (or someone the student has carer’s responsibility for) during semester or the exam period.
  • Longer term health or emotional issues are best managed with adjustments to course assessments as part of an Academic Plan developed in discussion between the student and Disabilities Services.
  • Special Arrangements may be granted for certain personal circumstances - for example the birth of a child, or religious or cultural commitments - or for essential community commitments - for example compulsory legal absence (e.g. Jury duty), elite sporting or cultural commitments (representing the University, state or country), or Australian Defence Force or Emergency Service commitments (e.g. Army Reserve).

Further information on eligibility, document requirements and how to apply is available at the Special Consideration web site.

Applications must be made using the University’s formal online application process no later than three (3) working days after the assessment occurrence or due date (unless a reasonable explanation for a delay is provided).

When completing the online application, ensure you choose an Assessment Category and Type that matches the description of the assessment given in the Unit Outline.

You should not submit an application of either type if

  • there is no assessment associated with a missed class, or
  • you have a reasonable opportunity to make up any work you missed.

If, for example, you miss an assignment, an application for an appropriate type of Consideration is required to allow late submission, but we do expect the assignment to be submitted. Sometimes, catching up may be impossible, in which case we will consider a pro-rata adjustment of your marks on the basis of an application for Consideration.

Examples of acceptable documents for Special Consideration/Special Arrangements.
  • Serious illness, injury or misadventure

Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PPC)

(General medical certificates are generally not acceptable)

Counsellor report, Police report, Statutory Declaration

or other relevant supporting documentation as relevant to the circumstance.

  • Death in the family/funeral
Copy of death notice in the newspaper or printed funeral service and a Statutory Declaration



  • Representative sporting, Religious, Cultural or Legal commitments

Note: All applications must be submitted as soon as the requirement to be absent from the university is known.

Students should not commit to any travel arrangements until their application has been considered.

Letter from coach or association for sporting commitment.

Letter from religious/cultural leader supporting the students claim.

Court summons/order

University Policies most relevant to an undergraduate coursework student are:

  • Learning and Teaching Policy
  • Coursework Policy
  • Assessment Procedures
  • Academic Honesty in Coursework
  • Student Appeals against Academic Decisions

For full details of these and other university policies and procedures, see the University Policy Register web site.

Relevant forms and procedures are also available on the Science Faculty forms website.