Consideration of factors affecting your study

If your academic performance in a Science Faculty unit of study is adversely affected by illness or some other serious event, such as an accident, you should notify the Faculty of Science Student Information Office (level 2 of the Carslaw building) within 7 days (5 working days) after the period for which consideration is sought, by completing an Application for Special Consideration with accompanying documentation. This is especially important if you miss an examination.

Late applications will not be accepted unless you were not reasonably able to submit the form.

If you have another reason for the Science Faculty to take account of your circumstances - religious commitments, legal commitments (e.g. Jury duty), elite sporting or cultural commitments (representing the University, state or country), or Australian Defence Force commitments (e.g. Army Reserve) - you should notify the Faculty of Science Student Information Office (level 2 of the Carslaw building) at least 7 days (5 working days) BEFORE the period for which consideration is sought, by completing an Application for Special Arrangements with accompanying documentation.

These two forms of Consideration should cover most allowable circumstances. However, if you have another reason for requiring the School of Physics to take account of your circumstances, you should notify the Physics Office (Room 210, Physics building) immediately.

Longer term health or emotional issues are better managed with adjustments to course assessments through Disabilities Services rather than through the Special Consideration process.

Note that, unlike some other parts of the University, the Faculty of Science does not offer 'Simple Extensions' for assessments.
ALL requests for an extension of time on an assessment must be on the basis of an application for Special Consideration.

Penalties for late submission of assessments also vary across the University. The default in Physics is an immediate 10% penalty, followed by a further 20% one day later, although this may be varied on individual assessments. See the unit outline for more information.

You should not submit an application of either type if

  • there is no assessment associated with a missed class, or
  • you have a reasonable opportunity to make up any work you missed.

If, for example, you miss an assignment, an application for an appropriate type of Consideration is required to allow late submission, but we do expect the assignment to be submitted. Sometimes, catching up may be impossible, in which case we will consider a pro-rata adjustment of your marks on the basis of an application for Consideration.

Special Consideration

To submit an application for Special Consideration or Special Arrangements you should:

  1. Obtain the appropriate Application pack from the Faculty of Science Student Information Office, the Faculty website, or the Physics Office.
  2. Complete the forms and obtain whatever original documentary evidence is appropriate. Note especially that the Professional Practitioner's Certificate is essential for Special Consideration on grounds of serious illness - Medical Certificates will NOT be accepted.
  3. Take the forms and documents to the Faculty of Science Student Information Office (NOT any other Faculty Office if you are seeking Consideration in a unit taught by Physics). They will stamp your form and assign an application number. You are advised to keep a copy of any application to the University. A formal decision on your application will be sent to your university email address within 14 days.
Examples of acceptable documents for Special Consideration/Special Arrangements.
  • Serious illness, injury or misadventure

Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PPC)

(General medical certificates are generally not acceptable)

Counsellor report, Police report, Statutory Declaration

or other relevant supporting documentation as relevant to the circumstance.

  • Death in the family/funeral
Copy of death notice in the newspaper or printed funeral service and a Statutory Declaration



  • Representative sporting, Religious, Cultural or Legal commitments

Note: All applications must be forwarded to the Faculty as soon as the requirement to be absent from the university is known.

Students should not commit to any travel arrangements until their application has been considered.

Letter from coach or association for sporting commitment.

Letter from religious/cultural leader supporting the students claim.

Court summons/order

Students unsure what type of Consideration is appropriate, or unhappy with a Consideration decision, should consult .

It is important to realise that general policies on Special Consideration and Special Arrangements apply throughout the University. However, our responses to your applications for Consideration are specific to Physics and responses may be different in Departments responsible for your other units of study.

Further details on University policy regarding Considerations can be found in policy documents entitled Assessment and Examination at the University Policy Register web site (