School Safety Committee

Provides advice to the Head of School on issues relating to work health health and safety matters within the School of Physics. Develops and maintains environmental and hazard guidelines.

The School Safety Officer, who is a member of the Safety Committee, is responsible to the Head of School on a day-to-day basis for operational matters regarding occupational health and safety.


  • (Chair)
  • (School Safety Officer)
  • (Committee Officer)
  • (Laser Safety Officer)
  • Leigh Grant
  • Enyi Guo (HDR student representative)
  • Oliver Lotz (HDR student representative)
  • Dr Behnam Akhavan
  • Laura Parker
  • Brian Ford
  • Ashmeeta Kumar (University Workplace Health and Safety Advisor)
  • Matthew Day (Science Faculty Safety Administration Coordinator)
  • Jennifer Hollingshed (Science Faculty Safety Administrator)