Physics Equity and Access Committee (PEAC)


The goals of the Committee are to devise policies and actions for the School of Physics to promote equity across many areas, to make our work environment supportive of all staff and to actively remove diversity biases both conscious and unconscious. We plan to implement and then continuously monitor and improve our programs.

Some more detail can be found in the PEAC Terms of Reference. Much more information is available from the PEAC Equity and Access web site.

Core membership

  • Shaghik Atakaramians
  • Tim Bedding
  • Samuel Blake
  • Andrew Doherty
  • Simon Fleming
  • Tom Gordon
  • Anne Green
  • Maryanne Large
  • John O’Byrne (co-Chair)
  • Andrew Sheldon-Collins
  • Clara Spencer (co-Chair)

Consultative group

  • Eromanga Adermann
  • Isabelle Benton
  • Krzysztof Bolejko
  • Ben Eggleton
  • Natasha Gabay
  • Kate Gunn
  • James Harding
  • Christopher Herron
  • Dick Hunstead
  • Helen Johnston
  • Cliff Kerr
  • Boris Kuhlmey
  • Geraint Lewis
  • Emma Lindley
  • Joy Murray
  • Gabriel Nguyen
  • Stefano Palomba
  • Svetlana Postnova
  • Rachel Reyes
  • Diana Sun

PEAC Reports and Data

Data files

Minutes of Meetings (pdf)