Postgraduate Committee


The Postgraduate Committee's purpose is:

  • Provide academic oversight of admissions to Postgraduate Higher Degree by Research (HDR) programs (MPhil and PhD).
  • Ensure uniform admissions standards across the School to ensure fair treatment of all applicants.
  • Diversify the pool of academics evaluating incoming applicants to HDR programs to help ensure appropriate academic judgement of applications.
  • Consider special cases by collective judgement of expert panel.
  • Allow academics within the School to see the whole of the applicant pool and contrast between domestic and international applicants.
  • Provide institutional memory in evaluation/care of students through the annual review process, and upgrades between degree programs.
  • Provide oversight of progression monitoring, in particular problematic cases.
  • Ensure University policy relating to the Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students is implemented within the School (with the requirement that the coordinating supervisor (clause 9.7) must be a staff member of the School. The other research supervisor, if there is one (clause 9.10), can either be a staff member or an affiliate).

Terms of Reference

Download the Postgraduate Committee Terms of Reference


  • Rongkun Zheng (Co-Chair)
  • Cathy Stampfl (Co-Chair)
  • Mike Biercuk
  • David Thwaites
  • Anne Green
  • Serdar Kuyucak
  • Boris Kuhlmey
  • Archil Kobakhidze

Minutes of Recent Meetings

5 March 2013